Our Results

results$8.7 Million 
verdict in a contract dispute

$5.7 Million verdict in a slip & fall case causing a man severe spinal injuries requiring long term care

5.5 Million settlement for a group of homeowners whose water supply was polluted by a toxic dump site

$5.5 Million settlement for a class of homeowners who were defrauded and damaged by a home builder who negligently installed and falsely advertised its windows

$5 Million settlement in a nationwide consumer fraud class action against a manufacturer who intentionally falsified test results for aluminum windows

$5 Million UIM (Uninsured Motorist) arbitration award for a client severely injured in a motor vehicle crash

$3.6 Million jury verdict – a record amount for conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death case in the federal courts – for a widow and children of a motorist killed by a carelessly driven and negligently loaded lumber truck

$3 Million settlement for a client we represented as guardian ad litem (for the litigation) who was brain injured by a tractor trailer crashing into him as he rode his bicycle

$2.5 Million wrongful death arbitration award and settlement for a widow and children of truck driver killed by a negligent driver

$2.2 Million settlement from an oil company for defrauding its investors

$2 Million wrongful death settlement for the widow and family of a driver killed in a head on crash by a speeding driver

$2 Million settlement for a young girl paralyzed by a defectively designed lap only seatbelt

$2 Million jury verdict for a family owned corporation and its key employee, who was seriously injured when struck by a motorist who lost control of his vehicle

$2 Million  consumer fraud jury verdict and settlement on behalf of 68 homeowners defrauded by a home builder

$1.75 Million  verdict for a woman who slipped & fell at a commercial establishment causing serious injury & ultimately death

$1.65 Million  settlement for a special needs child who was allowed to jump off a moving mini bus causing serious injury

$1.5 Million consumer fraud jury verdict against a national builder

$1.6 Million settlement for the brain injury of an infant as the result of the defective design of an infant car safety seat

$1.3 Million settlement for a motorcyclist hit by a bus

$1.1 Million verdict in a negligent security case for a man who was shot in the spine while visiting at a guarded apartment complex resulting in partial paralysis

$1 Million settlement for the wrongful death of a patient by a carelessly injected drug

$1 Million settlement for a man who sustained serious spinal injury from rough ocean surf due to lack of proper warning

$975,000 settlement in a wrongful death claim for an Absecon, New Jersey husband and father in a motor vehicle accident in Atlantic City, when struck by a truck while riding his bicycle

$950,000 settlement for the widow and children of a worker killed by a defective overhead garage door

$900,000 settlement for a man involved in a fatal car crash on the Garden State Parkway caused by a dump truck negligently entering the roadway from a Parkway construction site

$850,000 settlement for a seriously injured boy who was struck down by a careless driver at an improperly designed and selected school bus stop

$840,000 UIM (Underinsured Motorist) award for a Pentecostal minister permanently disabled from his charitable activities by a truck driver driving a poorly maintained truck with no brakes on the trailer

$802,000 settlement against the operator of a speedboat ride whose negligence caused spinal fracture & other severe injuries to a woman passenger

$800,000 UIM (Underinsured Motorist) arbitration on behalf of a husband and wife injured in a rear-end collision

$794,000 jury verdict for a concrete worker who fell down an unprotected elevator shaft during construction of a residential building

$780,000 settlement for a motorcycle police officer who was struck by an ambulance

$775,000 settlement for a woman who suffered organic and emotional sexual dysfunction from a surgeon’s negligent hysterectomy

$770,000 settlement for the scarring and injuries caused to two young girls by a vicious pit bull.

$765,000 settlement for a man whose car was struck by a drunk driver who had just left a bar and was visibly intoxicated

$750,000 settlement for the death of a woman caused by the careless conduct of her treating physician

$730,000 settlement against a marina operator who caused serious injury to a man while moving his boat to winter storage

$680,000 settlement for a young boy who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) when struck down by a speeding school bus driver

$660,000 verdict for a handicapped teacher in a wheelchair, who was injured in a fall while touring a house for sale

$650,000 settlement in a wrongful death claim for a Hammonton, New Jersey boy who drowned in a swimming pool during a birthday party

$635,000 settlement for a woman whose car, while skidding on an icy bridge, crashed through a defective safety railing to her death

$599,999 settlement for a factory worker who had a company physical revealing a small, operable tumor that was undisclosed to him in time to prevent his death

$565,000 settlement for the wrongful death of an elderly woman caused by a doctor’s negligent prescription of medication

$552,000 settlement for a married couple injured in a motor vehicle crash due to the negligence of a truck driver who failed to stop at an intersection.

$550,000 settlement in a car accident in Winslow Township, New Jersey for a 44 year old Galloway, New Jersey man, that was struck by a drunk driver causing severe leg wounds and multiple fractures

$550,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a single mother whose aneurismwas negligently misdiagnosed by ER physicians

$550,000 settlement – the largest in Camden County in a slip and fall case – for a woman who tripped on a misplaced UPS delivery

$525,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a disabled school bus driver who was killed by a truck driver who ran a red light

$500,000 settlement for a group of casino workers injured by toxic exposure from carpeting

$500,000 jury verdict plus attorney fees against a county for an asparagus farmer whose crops were destroyed by trespass and destruction of the tree-wind breaks

$500,000 tenant class action settlement against a mobile home park owner who polluted the property with a negligently designed septic system.

$500,000 settlement for a businessman whose store was damaged and business interrupted by the collapse of a carelessly built roof.

$475,000 settlement for an Egg Harbor Township man whose injuries from a car crash required spine and shoulder surgery.

$400,000 recovery for a 45 year old woman injured in a bicycle accident on the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk resulting in serious personal injury including fractured femur and broken hip

$300,000 settlement for a woman who suffered internal injuries resulting from a rear end crash by a commercial vehicle.