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Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Have You Covered?

Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Have You Covered

Does your auto insurance policy have you covered? In most cases you may think that you’re covered for most every accident or calamity that can happen on the road, but this may not be the case. At the law firm of Westmoreland Vesper and Quattrone, we provide attorney policy reviews absolutely free of charge to the public.

There are multiple situations where you can and maybe should question whether you are sufficiently covered in case of an accident. You might be using a rental car for business or vacation, and not be sure whether you need to purchase the additional insurance. Or you may be using your own car at your place of employment and being compensated for trips. Or you may be carrying valuables of personal or financial value by necessity, and need to know what happens if they’re stolen.

In our law firm, we represent clients every day who were not sufficiently insured, and who now could be facing devastating financial difficulties from an accident. We can thoroughly review the legal aspects of your auto insurance policy, and help you understand the details of your coverage. It’s also important for you to know all of the details when filing a claim, so that you can do so correctly.

Westmoreland Vesper & Quattrone can help you make sure you have the coverage you need and show you where you can and should make changes to your coverage before an accident happens. Again, there’s no cost at all for this service…so why not take advantage and secure your peace of mind?

Click here for a free attorney review of your auto insurance policy, and know for sure: Does your auto insurance policy have you covered? We’ll answer that question for you and your specific situation.

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Mistakes People Make When Involved in an Auto Accident

Mistakes People Make When Involved in an Auto Accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, you are often upset, feeling a little scattered and it can be hard to think clearly. People often make mistakes when they have been involved in accident that could hurt your case. Here are the top 5 mistakes people make when involved in an accident:


If you are hurt in an auto accident, you need to seek medical care immediately. Insurance companies will often use it against you, often arguing that if you were injured, then you would have sought medical attention. If you are experiencing any pain after being involved in an auto accident, no matter how minor you think your pain is, go directly to an ER or urgent care center in order to document your injuries.


After you have received initial medical attention for your injuries, insurance companies pay great attention to whether follow-up medical treatment is necessary, is performed and is consistent. Trauma specialists often advocate beginning therapeutic modalities promptly. When follow-up treatment is delayed or inconsistent, it can lead to difficulties in getting authorizations and can affect medical-legal issues in establishing causation. To avoid these issues, it is important to seek treatment with a trauma care specialist promptly.


It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after being involved in an auto accident. In accident case, there may often be important evidence that needs to be preserved. Some claims require that notice of claim to the potential adverse party. If you wait, you can be sure that the insurance company is working to limit their exposure to pay you less.


Insurance companies often want you to believe that they are on your side, but this is not always the case. You need to be cautious and be aware of quick cash offers which will not accurately reflect the full economic and non-economic value of your claim. Before you accept any cash offer to settle your injury claim, contact an experienced attorney first.


After an being involved in an auto accident, you will need to contact your insurance company and property damage adjusters in order to report the claim and subsequently schedule an inspection of your vehicle. These are important and should not be avoided. But, there are a few things to consider before when talking to your insurance company before talking to an attorney. First, the insurance company may try to record a statement from you, which they may use against you to deny your claim. Or they may ask you to sign something that ends you claim altogether, which usually results in very low offers than which your are entitled.

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