8 Tips to Throwing a Holiday Party

8 Tips to Throwing a Holiday Party

It’s a festive time of year. Before throwing a holiday party, take a moment to think about your responsibility as the party host.

Here are 8 tips for throwing a holiday party that is safe and responsible:

1. Do your homework. If you are having a holiday event that is large, you need to read over your homeowner’s insurance policy. Review your liability coverage limits to ensure that you are adequately covered in case of an accident.

2. Watch what you eat and feed others. Whether you decide to cook the food yourself, have a five star caterer, or pizza, make sure that the food you put out is safe. If anything is undercooked, spoiled or contaminated, you could have a problem on your hands if your guest needs to seek medical attention for food poisoning. When in doubt, you should throw it out.

3. Know your state laws and statutes. In many states, a party host can be held liable if a guest is involved in an alcohol-related accident. If a party guest gets in an alcohol related accident after leaving your party, you could be held responsible for payment of medical bills, costs of vehicle repairs, and possibly claims for a wrongful death.

4. Don’t center your party around alcohol. In order to minimize the alcohol your guests drink, schedule entertainment or activities that don’t involve alcohol. Furthermore, make sure there is lots of food and non-alcoholic beverages available for your guests.

5. Choose a different location. Host your party at a bar or restaurant that has a liquor license, rather than in a home or office, to decrease your personal liability.

6. Provide a safe way for your guests to get home. If guests cannot or should not drive home, make sure you arrange transportation or overnight accommodations for them

7. Be aware of intoxicated guests. If you notice one of your guests over-drinking, cut them off. As the party host, you have every right to do it, and your guest will probably thank you for it later.

8. Purchase event liability insurance. If you are planning on having a large holiday party at your home you should consider purchasing event liability insurance which is typically valid for the day of the event and would help cover the expenses if you were found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your celebration.