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The expert advice and overall professionalism is outstanding.  Every question was answered & we were kept informed during the entire case.  Ultimately we were extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend the law firm of Westmoreland Vesper Quattrone & Beers to everyone. Hopefully not many will need a personal injury lawyer, but if you do, they’re the best!


Amira H. : Millville, NJ

I will recommend Dara Quattrone and her law firm to everybody I know.  They’re personal injury lawyers who say what they mean and mean what they say. You can count on their word.

Deborah T. : Atlantic City, NJ

I loved the service that I received form my attorney & the law firm’s staff.

Yes, I will be telling my co-workers about Westmoreland Vesper Quattrone & Beers.


Jose M. : Brigantine, NJ

The lawyers at Westmoreland Vesper Quattrone & Beers are truly amazing people.  They care about their clients and they were so helpful in everything concerning my case.  Dara Quattrone is an amazing person as well as the best attorney.  Thank you for everything…”God bless”

Q.U. : Vineland, NJ

My personal experience with the law firm of Westmoreland Vesper Quattrone & Beers was amazing.  Dara Quattrone & her staff were there with me & for me every step of the way.  I really appreciate everything they have done for me.  Thank you & God bless.  They are the best. 5 Stars!

Dara Quattrone – A Speaker at NBI Seminar on Neck & Back Injuries

Next month, Dara Quattrone will be joining Dr. Alan Carr, Dr. John Fitzgerald & Dr. Ted Freeman in a National Business Institute seminar dealing with back & neck injuries.  Back & neck injuries are among the most common injuries resulting from work accidents, car crashes & other accidents.  This program will present both the medical insight and legal strategies for successfully handling these cases.  This program will be hosted by the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel on October 20th.

Dara Quattrone is a highly experienced personal injury attorney and is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney.  Her legal practice is concentrated in personal injury, car accidents & wrongful death matters.



Many auto owners are not aware the risk associated with having split limit auto insurance coverage.  The typical purchaser would see “$100,000/300,000” on their policy’s Declarations and think they have a $300,000 insurance policy. This is only somewhat correct. The number to the right of the slash (300,000) is the overall limit for each car accident. The number to the left of the slash (100,000) is the amount of coverage for each person within a given auto accident. In this example, no one individual could recover more than $100,000 for bodily injury sustained in a car accident.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists coverage is for YOU when YOU are injured by someone with no insurance (uninsured), or they have insurance but their limits are less than your limits (underinsured). Therefore it is important to “even up” your UM/UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured) coverage to the Liability coverage. That is, if you buy Liability coverage for $100,000/300,000 you should not leave your UM/UIM coverage at the default coverage of $15,000/30,000. This would leave you covered for only $15,000 in the event you suffer personal injury from a car without insurance. Instead, purchase UM/UIM limits to match the $100,000/300,000 of your liability coverage.

These 2 auto insurance issues could cause difficulties in the event you suffer personal injury in a car accident.

  • You/your family MAY NOT BE COVERED for the same amount as your liability limits and
  • You are paying a premium for the highest coverage on the right side of the “/” split policy, but you and yours are only covered by the lower amount of UM/UIM tot the left of the split or “/”.


  • Call us and FAX your auto insurance Declaration Page(s) so that we can provide a free audit of your insurance policy.
  • Check to see if your liability limits are the same as your UM/UIM limits.
  • And, most importantly, consider the benefits of a combined single limit policy over split limit coverage. Note that if you maintain a combined single limit policy, your property damage limit will be combined with the bodily injury limit.

 For more information you could review the New Jersey Auto Insurance Buyer’s Guide at the link below.



Dara Quattrone Named Trustee

Atlantic County Bar Association Names Quattrone as Trustee

Dara Quattrone, a Partner of the firm, has been named a Trustee of the Atlantic County Bar Association for the 2015-2016 term. Dara’s confirmation took place at the annual installation dinner held in Margate, N.J.   Dara Quattrone, focuses her practice on Personal Injury Law & Auto Negligence, and has been an active member of the Atlantic County Bar Association since 1985.


NJ State Bar Association Honors Vesper


On December 15, 2014, The New Jersey State Bar and the NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education honored Thomas Vesper with its highest award for legal educators in recognition for Tom’s innovative and entertaining teaching all aspects of personal injury litigation/wrongful death law, evidence, discovery and trial advocacy. Tom received the prestigious Hon. Alfred C. Clapp Award for Excellence in Legal Education by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education in association with the New Jersey State Bar Association. The 23d Annual Excellence in CLE Awards Reception was held at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick. This award is presented annually to a single judge or attorney in the State of New Jersey for excellence in legal education.  It should also be noted that Tom Vesper is the first lawyer from Atlantic County to be awarded this honor.

Over the last three decades Tom has organized, moderated and lectured at hundreds of CLE programs throughout New Jersey to tens of thousands of trial lawyers and judges on a wide array of topics in all areas of the practice of personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Tom just completed one of his annual lectures on his Deposition Notebook and the “Art & Craft of Video Depositions”. He will also be presenting a unique Webinar program with forensic economists on “The Most Overlooked Economic Damages in Wrongful Death Cases.” In addition to developing innovative discovery and trial techniques, Tom, pioneered the concept of “the objective value of on-call security time” in wrongful death cases.

Tom is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the Supreme Court of NJ and the National Board of Trial Lawyers; a Fellow of International Academy  of Trial Lawyers, 2003 NJ-ICLE Distinguished Service Award; 2003 ATLA New Lawyers Division, Annual Joe Tonahill Award (“For outstanding & dedicated service to & on behalf of consumers and the trial bar”); 2006 ATLA-NJ Gold Medal for Distinguished Service (“For years of leadership as President, Past President and Board member … for untiring and passionate commitment to legal education of the trial bar as Boardwalk Co-Chair, author and lecturer to all 50 State Trial Lawyer Associations”;  2004 recipient of the Trial Lawyers of New Jersey Trial Bar Award ; and Past President of the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ).

Holiday Safety Tips



All of us wish you and yours a safe & healthy holiday & New Year’s season filled with all good things. This time of year we at WVQ&B see many serious and avoidable injuries, to avoid being a statistic:


1. Drunks, Drunken, and Drowsy/Impaired/texting driving accidents and fatalities often spike during every major holiday, with July 4th in the lead followed closely by New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving.
2. TRIPS & FALLS: Falling off ladders, stepping on and slipping/tripping on broken ornaments and other decorating injuries send an average of 12,000 Americans to the ER between Nov & Dec = 250 per day.
3. FIRES & BURN INJURIES: Christmas tree, malfunctioning holiday lights, and candle fires caused 230 home fires on average each year; from 2007-2011 6 fatalities & 22 disabling injuries resulted from fires.


✓ Prevent drunken/impaired/texting motor vehicle crashes – Don’t let yourself, family, or your friends drive when you/they have imbibed or gotten tired or need to use cell phones or send text messages
✓ Prevent ladder and trip/slip fall-down injuries by removing any foreseeable hazards immediately
✓ Keep a constant eye on lit candles and the freshness of any live trees or indoor shrubs
✓ Check lights to be sure they have been safety-tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
✓ Maintain a safe distance between any decorations and fireplace, with at least a 3 foot gap between.

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Please feel free to tell your family and friends about our law firm and our HOLIDAY SAFETY MESSAGE.